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Christopher Young (Democrat)
2014 Candidate for Mayor of Providence
The judge's ruling, which forced the removal of the 50 year old historic and passive Cranston West High School
prayer banner, was a clear attack on our religious freedom aimed at ending the United States.

Congressional candidate Kara Russo and I led the fight to keep the banner up.  Please click on the video below to
see the people unite.
This is a voting machine in the back of a BMW in the last
Providence Mayoral election where I ran against Angel
Taveras.  The State Board of Elections stated that this swap
only occurred at this one location, when they were
contacted.  Yet as you can see there is a list of numerous
voting locations that the machines had been swapped at,
which we took a photo of off the seat of the BMW.
Create JOBS with
Federal Funds
Build a Subway
and Develop the
Repair The Schools
Public Safety
Lower Property tax
Rent with
Election Reform
Fix Potholes and
On Street Parking
Repeal The Car
Excise Tax by
Taxing Brown